Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DC Auto Show, Part III--The Finale

We made the trek to the upper level to take a look at the domestic car offerings.  First display upon entering the hall was Cadillac.

At $75K this Cadillac station wagon seems cheap compared to that Ferrari!  Plenty of room for tools and gear in the back.

Too bad the price doesn't seem to include factory roof racks and a trailer hitch for a two inch receiver.  I could see a cooler full of beer and some aluminum folding beach chairs bungied onto the roof and a trailer load of racing dinghies on the hitch...

This Dodge Challenger could be yours for around $27,500.

Ford had a number of interesting displays including this cut away Explorer.
The crash dummy family didn't look too happy with their somewhat reduced circumstances but at least Ford didn't cut them in half.
Here are a couple views of Ford's "EVOS" concept car.

There were a number of cars with "gull wing" doors at this year's show.
Ford, like many manufacturers, had several electric cars on display.  This "C-Max Energi" plug-in was claimed to have a range of 500 miles.  That would be quite useful if true in practice as well as theory.

Motorheads need not worry about all the plug-ins and hybrids.  Ford still caters to their needs.
Of course Chevorlet wasn't going to let Ford steal all the plug-in thunder.  The Chevy Volt was prominently displayed in their area.

However this Camaro entitled "American Pride" was the most eye catching vehicle on the Chevy display.
The car featured various scenes from U. S. history.
Zooming in on Geo. Washington crossing the Delaware River.
The rolling history lesson ranged from Abe Lincoln to
Teddy Roosevelt, to great war dough boys, to
Rosie the riveter, to

a rendering of Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous photograph of "unconditional surrender" during V-J Day celebrations in Times Square.  The history lesson continued on around the driver's side of the car.
After looking at the Chevys we'd seen enough and being a bit peckish we repaired to Capitol City Brewing's latest location.  Long time readers of this blog will remember that we visited Cap City Brewing at their old digs last spring during the Cherry Blossom Festival.  They were scheduled to move into Union Station but the station building was heavily damaged in last August's earthquake and so they are currently in this spot on the corner of 11th & H Street.  Sorry about the blurry photo--my hands must have been shaking in anticipation of receiving a large schooner of beer!


  1. Vilka häftiga bilar. Kul att se lite annorlunda
    som ej säljs i Scandinavien.

  2. Johannes: Tack for din kommentar. Jag har läst din post om din första tvåtakt SAAB och restaureringen av den fina folkbåten. Mycket roligt att läsa om dom.