Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A tropical teaser

Tomorrow at O-dark-thirty hours diarist-woman and I will hit the road for sunny FLA.  Our son Erik is back in school and so will have to sit this regatta out and crack the books instead.  We'll stop for the night in Ocala with Moth Boating friends and then drive the final two hours to Gulfport on Friday morning.  I'm posting a few teaser pix from previous years just to get in the mood.

This is a shot of the launching beach at Gulfport Yacht Club taken during the 2009 regatta.  Looks inviting doesn't it?  Photo credit: Lennie Parker
A group of boats racing towards the weather mark.  Another Lennie Parker pix from 2009.  I'm sailing Nr 110 in this shot.
Joe Bousquet almost gets air-borne at last year's event.  Photo credit: Ed Salva.

Team Albaugh before departing Maryland for last year's regatta.  This is why we drive 2000 miles each winter!

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