Monday, March 7, 2011

The long ride home.

As per usual Team Albaugh was the very last trailer load of boats to leave Gulfport YC.  These green parrots squawked and mocked us as I slowly got packed up.

We spent Sunday night at our motel and celebrated Bob Patterson's birthday a day early.  Bob got a little carried away and wound up wearing his wine, but that's another story!  The next day we got on the road at the crack of 9 and headed north.

We were curious about this tower visible from I-275 so we snapped a pix and looked it up.  It turns out that this was once the Sulphur Spriings Water Tower and is now part of a park.  You can read a potted history about it here: 

The Tampa skyline is in my opinion more attractive from the opposite direction but sadly we didn't think to snap a pix on the way to the club.
We spent Monday night with friends in the Savannah area.  Tuesday morning we got on the road at 7 and steeled ourselves for the day long slog up I-95.  It can get a trifle boring but luckily our friend "Pedro" keeps us amused (ok,ok, we're easily amused).

Very easily amused...
Anyone who's made this run has seen these signs advertising a tacky rest stop right at the North/South Carolina border called "South of the Border".  Dig out your atlas and find Dillon, SC.  Pedro is waiting for you...
Kinda reminds me of the old Barbasol signs but without the rhymes.
We forgot to look for this.
This sign was animated (haha, you can laugh now...)
If you have shekels Pedro wants 'em.
Getting closer!  This one is a personal favorite!  Another one I like says something to the effect of "Keep whining kids, they'll stop" but sadly we either missed that one or it's only a south bound sign.
Those signs are everywhere.
Finally we crest the hill and arrive at Mecca.
No doubt about it, Pedro is way over the top.  Say--that could become a sign...
Oh yes, we stopped.  Elisabeth had promised a workmate at her Episcopal day school something extra tacky from South of the Border.
Zeroing in on ground zero.
We barely scratched the surface in Pedro-land.
Hey kids--how many of those Moth Boats thingies can u find in this picture?  Money was satisfactorily spent and a tacky gift was obtained.  Well pleased with ourselves we relaunched the mighty Volvo back onto to I-95 North.  We made it home before dark.

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