Saturday, July 23, 2011

A lovely bit of aged Egyptian cotton

William "Buddy" Enos was the owner and chief sailmaker of East Coast Sailmakers back in the 1950s.  Many of the Moth Boat racers at Miami Yacht Club used Buddy's sails.  This particular one was sent to me by Clayton Fuller, the man who shot the 8mm film clip of racing in the early days at MYC that I featured on this blog earlier.
I found this regatta measurer's mark in the tack of the sail.  As you can see it reads "OK BE 7/54"  I wonder if the BE is Buddy Enos.  I assume the date is the World Championship regatta for the year 1954, the year which Warren Bailey won in his boat MACH ONE and Bill Lee sailed my boat MINT to fifth place.  If so, it's interesting that the man who made this sail also approved it as measuring legal!  Those were truly simpler times!
Yes, this sail has some rust stains and small tears but is apart from that is in remarkably good condition for being 57 years old.  I wonder what is the best way to remove the rust stains?  If anyone has suggestions please leave a comment.  Also, does anyone have a good source for 4 or 5 oz Egyptian cotton sail cloth for repairs to small boat sails?
This sail was the one Clayton's brother Charlie used in the 8mm movie.  Modern synthetic sail "cloths" are far better in many ways but they can't beat the creamy beauty of Egyptian cotton.
Buddy's version of the circle-M Moth insignia. Sadly Buddy passed away in July of 2000.  Here's a seed pod to carry around in your pocket:  Will any of your work survive well beyond your death and be worthy of preservation?


  1. Cyclists have old racing jerseys with rust stains and moth holes to treasure!