Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elizabeth City Nationals part II: a rogue's gallery

Yesterday's post was all about boats and the weather.  Today we'll take a look at some of the players.  Photo credits:  Amy Linton,  Elisabeth Albaugh and Lennie Parker.

First up we have Mike Parsons' wife Barb.  Barb doesn't sail but she plays an active and much appreciated role helping launch and retrieve boats.  Barb is an aggressive Corn Hole player (think bean bag toss, you dirty minded lot) at regattas where the weather is kinder.  Barb also likes a good chair and a good beer and even with the nasty weather we had at this year's Nats she was determined to get in her share of good brewskies.  Oh, and watch you mouth if you're trash talking Philly sports teams.  Barb will give you an ear full if she hears you bad mouthing the Phillies, Eagles, 76'ers or Flyers.

This is you diarist kitted out in his sailing gear.  Sarah Pugh asked diaristwoman why I'm allowed to dress myself.  The answer to that question is that the gear helps prevent me from getting beat up by the boat and as an extra benefit qualifies me as a MAMIL (middle-age men in lycra) in good standing.  Note to the cyclists in the audience: check out the stylish Campagnolo bike cap.

Walt Collins is our chief measurer and a fellow MAMIL even if that isn't apparent in this photograph.

New member Patrick Burger tweaking some string or other.  I thought the Europe had a lot of stings to pull until I saw Patrick's boat!

CMBA President Greg Duncan strikes a suggestive pose for Ms Linton's camera.  We're still puzzling over just what is being suggested here!

Charleston, SC area sailor, Lewis Hay is shown here adjusting the outhaul of his Europe.

Bill Schill rigs his Fletcher-Duflos on Saturday morning.  Bill was the 1963 Moth World Champion.

And now for the trophy presentation.  The wind was still up so we gathered in the lee of John Pugh's garage to collect our loot.

Bill Schill receives the Turtle Trophy from Joe Courter.  Joe initiated this "award" for the sailor who has the most spectacular capsize during the current racing season, including the Nationals.  My son Erik won this dubious honor a few years ago and allowed as how there are a lot of good names on that trophy!  John Pugh's Korean War era Jeep can be seen peeking out of the garage.

Patrick Burger receives the "youth" award from Greg Duncan.  Generally this trophy goes to the best sailor 18 years old or younger but with this year's low turn out Patrick was the youngest.  Well, at least he was under 50...
John Pugh was 3rd in the Generation I division.  It was good to see our host bag some loot.  Now he'll have no excuse for drinking from the bottle!  John was also 2nd in the Masters standing for those over 65. Your diarist is (slightly) too young to figure into that scoring.  Next year look out!
Believe it or not, your diarist somehow managed to take 2nd in Gen I.

Walt Collins was both 1st in Gen I and 1st in the Masters ranking. Walt had a hell of a regatta, often deviling boats in the faster Generation II division. Is there no stopping him?

Speaking of Gen II, John Zseleczky took 3rd.

Mike Parsons took 2nd in Gen II

Finally, wait for it, Jeff Linton was 1st in Gen II and the overall National champion, successfully defending his title.  That's all folks.  Next stop on the regatta circuit is the annual Carl Patterson Regatta at Chester River Yacht & CC in Chestertown, Maryland.

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