Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Annapolis Sailboat Show

Columbus Day weekend marks the annual in the water sailboat show in Annapolis, Maryland.  The following weekend is given over to an in the water show for powerboats.  Your Diarist and diaristwoman enjoy the show regardless of the weather.  This year the weather couldn't have been nicer:  mild temps and sunny with a slight, cooling breeze.  Unlike previous years we parked at the Annapolis High School instead of the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium.  The Stadium is where boat show visitors usually park and then ride shuttle buses to the dock area in the old park of town.  This year the Stadium parking lot was filled with "tail-gaters" doing their thing prior to a home Navy football game.  So it was over the the high school to catch the same school buses to the docks.  As can be imagined, Annapolis traffic was rockin' with both the boat show and a Navy home game going on at the same time.

Don't even think about parking downtown during boat show season.  Just go to one of the remote lots and ride the shuttle bus.
Diaristwoman had prepurchased our tickets at the boat show's website so we went to the head of the queue, showed our preprinted tickets, got wristbands and breezed in with minimum fuss.  I love it when stuff like that actually works.

We concentrate mostly on the small boats and the vendor's tents.  E. liked this "little" Herreshoff H-121/2.
My bride has a good eye!  Sadly, even this little boat exceeds your diarist's pocketbook.  I'll stick with Moth Boats!
The boat show exudes a carnival-like atmosphere.  There are lots of demonstrators hawking polishes, glues, odd tools, hardware etc. Here is a sampling:

Of course there are big boats in the water.  I used to go aboard these luxury yachts but don't bother any more.

This one costs more than most people's homes.
In comparison, these seem almost reasonable!

The boat show stands common logic on it's ear.  This sign is the reverse of the ones I more usually encounter which state something along the lines of "No shoes, no service".

When you're done gawking at how rich people live and come off the boat, the rule of thumb is if you can't find your shoes at least get a good pair.

A new and warmly received addition to this year's boat show was the Hendrick's Gin barge.
Free drinks!  What's not to like?

I'm hoping that Mt. Gay Rum takes note of this and steps up to the challenge next year!

After being refreshed by the Hendrick's folks, we took another stroll through the small boats and spotted several nice dinghies, canoes and other small boats.
I can't imagine the number of hours required to varnish, let alone build this lovely canoe.
Details from the  canoe shown in the previous photo:  m'lady's cane bottomed seat.
Another canoe, this one has a small sailing rig.
A local Annapolis builder, Chesapeake Light Craft, had one of their "Pocket Ships" in the water.  This design is perhaps the largest offering from this company, better known for it's line of kayaks and canoes in kit form.
After one last look around, we made our way towards the exit.  The dome of the Maryland State House is currently shrouded for painting.


  1. Oh wow, that looks really fun. Now I feel bad for not being able to attend. :(

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  2. It WAS big fun! We generally go each year.