Friday, August 17, 2012

"B" is for Bentley

A while back your diarist attended a British Car show down in Virginia, near Mount Vernon--practically in Geo. Washington's front yard!  I don't think old George would have minded.  What follows are a  few photos of the stand-out cars on display that day.

"B" is for Bentley.  In this case a 4.5 litre Bentley.  No blower, but 007 would still approve.

The Bentley's engine room.  Look at those lovely bronze bodied S.U. carbs.

A rather imposing front view.  Can you image being in a baby Austin of the same vintage and having this sight rapidly filling the rear view mirror?

This car apparently was a Mille Miglia revival entrant back in 2006.

One last look as we move on.  Very proper in BRG.
This T-51 Cooper-Climax next caught my eye.
An ex-Yeoman Credit team car, driven by Tony Brooks, among others during the 1960 season.
Starboard side of the 2.5 litre Climax PFP engine.  It made a most wonderful noise when the owner fired it up at day's end.  He then settled into the cockpit, revved it and popped the all or none clutch for the brief ride back to the transporter.  The car shot off down the bridle trail like a scalded dog.  I'm happy to report that no small children darted into his path.
The T-51's "office".
Yeoman Credit Team logo.  You can read more about this team here.

This nifty little Lotus Elite wasn't on display but merely parked in the spectator's parking area.

The Elite's cockpit.
Note the exposed valve gear on this 3-wheeler Morgan.
One lever on the Moggy's steering wheel is the accelerator while the other is for the spark advance.  I'd sure hate to get 'em confused in the middle of a high speed corner!

Both cars and their occupants were a good bit narrower in those days.

Rover to the rescue!

Every family should have at least one vehicle capable of towing the house off it's foundations.

A very stylish Jaguar SS-100.  This one was once owned by Brooks Stevens.
Port side view of the SS-100's engine.
I'll wrap up this post with one more Jag for the road--an XK-120.  Happy Motoring!

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  1. Hej George ! Vilka underbara fordon verkligen stiligt. Bentley och Jaguar faller mig mest i
    smaken riktiga konstverk i detaljerna. Har inte
    varit på någon bilshow i sommar det har ej lockat då sommaren varit den sämsta på länge, juli var urkass men veckan som gick var här 23-25 gr (73.4-
    77 f).