Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Water logged Annapolis a day after Hurricane Sandy

Yesterday, Tuesday the 30th of October, the bulk of the storm had passed through central Maryland and although we aren't permitted to go check the house on Brigantine, we decided to go take a look around the city dock area in nearby Annapolis.  The dock area has a history of flooding and this occasion was no different.  We had to drive around "Robin Hood's Barn" in order to get to the docks as many streets were still flooded a day after the storm.

I feel sorry for the owners of small businesses such as Storm Bros. Ice Cream.  They get repeatedly flooded but somehow find it within themselves to repeatedly bounce back.  I'll get in line for a scoop of rum-raisin to support them as soon as they reopen.

Keep in mind that these photos were taken a day after the water had receded.
Not much of a step down to get in your rubber dinghy today.  No doubt at the height of the water you could have carried on in the dinghy right up Main Street to Mills Liquors.

The Kunta Kinte statue grouping was still a bit damp.
Looking up "Ego Alley".  The posts mark the normal edge of the pavements.
It was a raw and damp day.  We soon decided to go up the hill to Galway Bay to see if we could get a pint of  Guinness, a shot of Red Breast and a bowl of leek and potato soup.  They had power so we had success on all three counts.  Friday or Saturday at the latest, we plan on going to Brigantine to see if our summer house made it through the storm.  It depends on when we will be given access to the island.  I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.  Stay tuned.


  1. Good luck in Brigantine, George! Let us know.

    1. Thanks Baydog. I just talked to the town cops and they still aren't allowing anyone back on the island and wouldn't say when we'll have access. Maybe Friday, maybe by the weekend we'll get back on. The roads are still a mess and I'm guessing they don't want us property owners getting in the way of the various politicians who "need" to inspect things!