Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Annapolis Lighted Boat Parade

This past Saturday marked the Eastport Yacht Club's 30th annual Holiday Boat Parade.  Those with a short attention span can quickly look at the photos I took from the middle of the Spa Creek Bridge.  Others wanting a fuller experience can get a beverage and a comfy chair and settle in to watch this video:  here.

Santa's sleigh, complete with reindeer, made an early appearance.
Martinis anyone?  Of course there were more traditional themes...

such as snow flakes

and Christmas trees

Even a tree with a marriage proposal.

The young lady apparently was also on the Spa Creek bridge and when she texted her acceptance the wedding rings with the word "Yes!" lit up and the dogs wagged their electronic tails. 

Santa apparently likes to go fishing.  Who knew?  I thought he just sat around eating cookies.

Not sure how Nessie ties in with the holidays.

This guy is a Ravens football fan.  Maybe Santa will bring them a play off berth.

Cheers!  This display is looking forward to the new year. 

Lighthouse off.

Lighthouse on.

Another sleigh with reindeer complete with Rudolph. 

I think this is an igloo but I could be wrong.

The red Choo-choo won best overall.  It made impressive steam locomotive sounds.

After the show ended we headed back into town and passed this nicely decorated home at the foot of the bridge.

The City of Annapolis had their tree up.

I heard a roar of approval and turned around to see that the Champagne boat had tied up in Ego Alley.  Brilliant!

It was an unusually warm evening for December and so the streets were heaving with people going to the bars and restaurants. 

The State House was open to the public so we headed up the hill.  The warm, damp weather soon generated a bit of fog and mist which shrouded the State House dome.

The lamp light was inviting.

Once inside we admired the tree loaded with ornaments made by school children from through out the state of Maryland.

The view from the State House steps looking west, down Rowe Boulevard.

At this point it was half gone eight and Diaristwoman was growing peckish.  We repaired to Harry Brown's for steamed mussels and rock fish.

The hour grew late and fog grew thicker.  This photo of St. Anne's church is almost spooky.  Can you say "Werewolves of London"?


  1. Mussels and rockfish. No sympathy here, Geo! I like the martini boat of course, and the Ravens can make the playoffs, but not at the expense of BIG BLUE!!!!!!!

    1. And good they were, my dear Baydog! Who knows--even the poor ol' Redskins might get to the dance this year.