Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Gulfport Collage

The last weekend in February, ten Classic Moths turned out for this year's edition of the CMBA Mid-Winter Regatta.  Once again we were hosted by the always friendly and efficient members of the Gulfport YC.  Photo credits:  Diaristwoman and Lennie Parker.  Although this was a two day regatta I have only pix from Sunday's action as Diraristwoman and Amy Parker stayed ashore doing girly stuff (aka: shopping) leaving IoW Len as the lone ranger on the mark boat.

Once off I-95 and trailering down Route 301, one always gets a friendly reminder that you're in central Florida.

Sunday started off foggy with almost no wind.  This was a duplicate of Saturday's conditions.

Mark Saunders' Mistral Spyder along side of Frickie Martschink, sailing Lewis Hays' Skol, Mean Tangerine during one of the early races of the day.

Can't see the shore.  Walt Collins along side of Rutledge Young, both in Europes.  We were instructed to abandon a race in progress if we lost sight of the next mark of the course.  The Race Committee was very concerned with several operators of high speed power boats who seemed oblivious to the conditions.  Fortunately no Moth Boats were harmed in the running of this regatta.
John Siegling making his way to the starting line in his Savannah Wedge design Moth.

Mark in Spyder up wind of Walt in YourUp.  Walt's rudder is still up due to shallow water near the launch area.

A close look at Greg's loose footed sail with full battens.  So far, Greg is the only one to explore a loose footed sail after the rule change.

Mean Tangerine.

Lewis Hay sailed his Europe.

The day gradually brightened as the fog burned off.

Your diarist borrowed a sail for this regatta (Nr 115).

Mark well in front at the weather mark in this very light air race.

The breeze did fill in but never with much authority.

Looks glassy.

John Z. trying to stay awake.

Your old diarist.

A stern view of the Skol design.  The Skol's transom is slightly narrower than the Mistral.  Additionally, the Skol lacks the Mistral's flat stern quarter sections and is thus slightly more treacherous than the Mistral.  Frickie had good boat speed and won one of the races.

The fleet sails back to GYC's beach at the conclusion of racing.  Our weekend of Florida warmth was over all to soon--sigh. 


  1. Can't get enough, Geo. Love those Moths and their quirky class rules. I'd love to have one, but you probably can't be 295 and expect to float.

  2. Bagdog--put down that delicious mushroom pepper cheesesteak and start a fitness program--Moth Boats are so worth it. I think that me rediscovering Moth Boats and figure skating has probably tacked ten years back on my life that I'd lost to bad habits and easy living. To paraphase--nothing tastes as good as good health.