Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another Ventnor Moth Boat returns to the water

Although this photo is a little fuzzy it shows the recently restored Ventnor of Don Janeway slipping across a lake in Tennessee. 
Along with another vintage era Moth back on the water after 50 years ashore, Don indicates that there's now another sail maker gaining experience building sails for our boats:  Mark Weinheimer in Oriental, NC made the sail (  Don provided some Ronstan plastic luff lugs which he modified to fit the Ventnor's mast slot and Weinheimer installed grommets rather than the traditional rings in the foot of the sail.  In the photo, the sail looks fine.  Don said that he plans to replace the original wire shrouds, replace a floorboard which cracked during the test sail and at some point built a new wishbone tiller to replace the unoriginal straight stick the boat currents has.    Don lives in Chapel Hill, NC so hopefully we'll see this boat at the Nationals in Elizabeth City this coming September.

Don's Ventnor, stern view.


  1. George, how's the new clubhouse coming along?

  2. It's basically done. The official opening is the 21st of June but we're having the Moth regatta this coming weekend.