Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Martin's building jig

Further pix from Martin's Mistral build.  These show the details of his building jig for those who are contemplating a Mistral building project for the coming winter months.

The empty building jig.

Gusset details.

The jig with the hull stably in place.

The original instructions which are part of the Mistral plans provide no details of how to pull up the boat without twisting or other misshape anomalies.  The plans just indicate that you should pull up the two hull skin panels around the main bulkhead with a Spanish windless and then hang the boat for a few days like a piece of beef to allow the "kinks" to work out of the hull.  Constructing a jig such as the one pictured here gives the builder a lot more control over the out come.


  1. Actually, the plans call for a temporary bulkhead "B" to pull the boat around. Something neglected in a prior build that turned the boat into a "Beast"

  2. Without looking I couldn't remember whether it was the temporary or main bulkhead in the original instructions. The "Shiny Beast" is no more. The last owner reported that she was crushed when a large tree fell on her during one of the recent hurricanes a year or so ago. She would've been ok if we hadn't added 2 extra inches to the shear line numbers!