Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to sail a foiler Moth in 5 easy steps

Right.  After viewing Nate's videos I've drawn a couple conclusions.  First, rigging a foiler makes rigging my Europe dinghy (with all those pesky through-the-mast-bearing-ring internal control lines) seem like a walk in the park.  Second, even with stop action photography, getting going and then remaining foil-borne looks like the equivalent to mastering how to  ride a "penny-farthing" bicycle.  I suppose the crashes into (hopefully) warm water are, assuming you miss all the potentially hurtful goobers on the boat, more forgiving than crashing onto granite cobblestones while attempting to descend a steep hill on a high wheeler.  But don't take my word for it.  Judge for yourself.  I think I'll stick with something safe like mastering an Axel jump on figure skates.


  1. And this year's winner in the bruises-we-hate-to-have-to-explain category....Foiling Moth Sailing!