Friday, May 1, 2015

Another blogspot to follow

The Starling dinghy.  A popular class in New Zealand
Fellow blogger Alden Smith left a comment about my post which asked if a dilapidated Moth Boat could be saved.  It seems that Alden is hip deep in the process of rehabbing a very down at the heels Starling dinghy and so, like me, has a soft spot for boats which others might dismiss as lost causes.  The first installment of his journey to breathe life back in his boat can be found here .

Alden is currently up to installment nr 15 so there's a bit of reading to do in order to catch up, but the effort is enjoyable.  Alden's blogspot is called "Stream of Consciousness" and can be followed at this URL: 


  1. Thank you George for the kind endorsement of my blogspot. One of the great things about the internet is how distance shrinks and people can share their interests and passions. I hope that people from your side of the world visit and comment. I will certainly be keeping an eye on your own blogspot and your interesting posts about small yachts. I do hope you are able to find the time to restore your Moth - restorations are labours (labors : > ) of love (and sometimes blood, sweat and tears - BUT - when all is completed, you get to go sailing!!!!

  2. You're welcome Alden. I'm sure to follow your progress on Starling. Do you expect to launch her before your winter settles in or wait until warm weather returns next spring?