Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Greek Classic

Over the past few months, I've been corresponding with Greece based sailor Vassilis Gerostathis.  Vassilis grew up sailing different small dinghy classes including Lightenings, Flying Dutchman, wind surfers etc. before moving up to big boats.  He recently wanted to return to his sailing roots and questioned me about Classic Moth Boat plans.  I explained that shipping plans to overseas addresses tends to double the cost and after sharing photos of different Moths and directing him to other internet sources he struck out on his own and developed his own design using the Mistral and Europe shapes as a starting point.

He originally wanted a Europe dinghy shaped transom but decided to go deeper in the interests of stability.  None the less, hull is deeply veed.

The sharp stem is very much like a Mistral.

Vassilis opted for a three stayed rig based on available windsurfer parts. 

After the first beach launch he has decided that a kick-up rudder is a good idea!

Lots of rocker in the keel line.  She should be frisky.

I like the over-sized inspection port in the main bulkhead.

On the way to the beach for the maiden sail.

This aspect of a boat with a mind of her own is familiar to all Mistral sailors.
I wonder how that windsurfer sail would measure against the CMBA rules?  Looks good!

Lovely sailing waters.

The proud owner indicates that he's gone swimming a time or two but the boat is easy to right.  He has a short list of things to change and hopefully that will include a Moth sail with a proper circle-M insignia!  Well done Vassilis!

youtube videos of the boat in action can be seen here:


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