Saturday, October 13, 2018

This one's for Erky; Part 2

Continuing from the last pix of yesterday's post which showed Bill Boyle's great start.  This pix is a few seconds later.

As the fleet stretches out John Z and Bill extend their advantage.

But Don Janeway soon claws his way up to Bill's back bumper.

And the the rest of the posse is not far behind!

Moving on, here we have a group shot of the eventual Gen I podium finishers: Me, Erik and Sam.
This photo shows off the Ventnor's (Nr 133) scow like bow shape.  Fast in flat water but in a chop she pounds.

Gen II action.

This bow shot of Donald Hewitt rounding the weather mark shows off the Connecticut's diamond standing rigging.

Swiss Miss.

Here we see your old diarist in the horns of a dilemma as these three boats approach the weather mark.  Should he attempt to thread the needle and risk fouling Nr 48, or tack away since he has no rights?  If he fouls the other boat he'll have to do a penalty turn (which is slow) but if he tacks he'll probably be caught below the layline to the mark, requiring yet another tack (also slow).  In the end, I tacked right on Nr 48's lee bow, but luckily had just enough height to lay the mark even though I was eating a lot of dirty air courtesy of my sonny boy in Nr 69.

The large building with the green roof in the background is the Museum of the Albemarle.  The MOA was a former co-sponsor of the National Regatta.

More action at the weather mark.  Erik and I enjoyed a bit more boat speed with our new sails and occasionally  were able to poke our noses up among the faster Gen II boats.

Busy, busy, busy.

Later in the day we actually got some sun!


Trying to stay in contact with Gen II boats while going downwind.  This leg of the course is generally where the faster Gen II boats pull a horizon job on the Gen I fleet.  The camera lens tends to make the distance look shorter than it actually is.  At least I can still read their sail numbers!  And so, good night.  I will sift through the photos from Sunday's two races and post those tomorrow or Monday.

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