Tuesday, June 18, 2019

2019 BYC Moth Boat Regatta

The 28th edition of the Brigantine YC's Classic Moth Boat Regatta featured SW winds in the 15-20 knots range with gusts higher.  This is about the limit for your old diarist!  Diaristdaughter took the following photos from the end of the floating dock.  We had 9 boats, of which 8 raced (Mike P. wasn't feeling well and watched from the club).

Plenty of bow waves going downwind.  Erik (Nr 69) side by side with John Z (Nr 111) while Bob (Nr 217) works to close the gap.

Your old diarist is the jam in the sandwich between the lead boats and the following group.

Joe B. sailed yet another boat.  This time a Magnum II which he modified to Classic rig specs by removing the wings and adding a low aspect rig.

Joe spent a large part of his regatta combining swimming with his Moth Boating.

One of the starts.  With the wind being on the "sporty" side, the RC wisely limited the course to a single lap triangle.   No one argued!

Bob and Erik going hammer and tongs upwind.

Erik was sailing Meg Gaillard's Athens Games boat.

Your old diarist was sailing the wood veneer Galetti.

Ed Salva (Nr 10) running down wind with Victor Stango.

Bob Patterson in his Shelley.

More photos of Joe Bousquet  in the Magnum II.

Joe spent a lot of time like this.

If anyone can tame the Magnum II in Classic form it will be Joe B.  I tip my cap to a very brave experiment.

Ed and I push as close as we dare (on a falling tide) to the marsh island.  The starboard lay line to the weather mark could just be laid if one got close enough on this tack.  The danger, of course, was the risk of "smelling bottom" with your blades if you cut it too close.

Bob shadowing John Z. downwind.

Victor Stango going downwind in his Paul Lindenberg designed Moth.

Although a few jet skiers came out to play, the wind kept most on the  dock.

Joe learned a lot about what he wants to change during this regatta.  The dark area under the flair is filler, added to meet the CMBA's string test rule.

Bill Boyle sailed his son's boat.

Joe B. wasn't the only one who capsized.  Here we see Bob P. taking a refreshing dip.

After five quick races, John Z. dominated the Gen II division.  Erik repeated as the BYC Gen I champ.  Bob P. was second in Gen I and your old diarist was third a point behind.  An enjoyable if exhausting regatta!


  1. Looks like you all had a great regatta!!! Fun!!!

  2. Enough Moths to keep a lightbulb happy.
    What a great selection of photographs - so good to see us old dudes still doing it!