Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene wrap up

OK, for the two readers who are not related to me and wonder how things turned out on the barrier island of Brigantine I can happily report that although Irene passed quite close to the island as a Cat. 1 hurricane (estimated to be about 10 miles off the coast, with sustained winds above 74 mph) we had very light damage at the "Hotel George"--just a few shingles off the roof.  Both the states of Delaware and New Jersey imposed travel bans while the storm was in play but we were able to go check our house on Monday.  Getting there was frustrating due to many detours around downed power lines and deep, standing water in places close to lakes or swamps in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

This isn't storm damage.  My evacuating renters need to learn how to back up, or get their vision checked or maybe both.
After checking the rest of the house I went through my collection of cedar boards and found a suitable replacement.  After an hour's work my driveway gates are back in service.
Down on the beach a goodly crowd was enjoying a break from clean up duties.  This was mostly a local crowd since tourists had been forced to leave before the storm.
Although the life guards had returned with their beach stands, the surf boats were still absent.
The bay side home which was all boarded up in my last post was almost back to normal by Monday afternoon.
The Yacht Club was much as I'd seen it the previous Friday with only some of the windows and doors boarded up.  But, true to Yachting priorities, the windows and doors which got attention were the most important ones: those for the club's bar...
And finally, the fates were kind to the owner of "BAD DOG" the poorly secured Opt seen in the previously post.  She filled with rain water and thus weighted down, stayed on her launching trolley despite the high winds and absence of lashings.  Double click and you can see the depth of the water in the hull and the floating sponge near the mast partner.  "BAD DOG" managed to live up to her name!

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