Thursday, August 18, 2011

MG J1 featured in an old Swedish movie

I'm a stubborn soul and  I've been trying without any luck to identify the name of the movie, the names of the actors and actress and to discover if the movie survives intact or if this youtube clip is all that remains.  None of my Swedish in-laws remember this film.  Nor does anyone I've contacted in various MG clubs both here in the States and in Scandinavia.  The movie dates to no earlier than the car.  The car is an MG J1.  The MG Car Company didn't introduce the J-series model range until 1932 so that gives us the earliest year this movie could have been made.  The J-series included the J1, a four seater as seen here, the archetypal J2; a two seat sports which set the basic formula for small sports cars up through the mid-1950s, and the J3 and J4 which were also two seaters.  The J3 was used for sporting trials and rallies where as the J4 was a full on road racer.  The J3 and 4 had destroked 750cc engines to comply with class regulations for their respective events and both of those types were also supercharged.  The J1 and J2 were produced with normal road use in mind and had non-supercharged 850cc engines.  Any help answering my questions regarding the film clip will be appreciated!  In the meantime enjoy this little trip in the "way-back" machine.

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