Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Classic Moth Boat Blog Spot

At last year's Mid-Winter Regatta, long time Mothist, Merv Wescoat decided that he had too many boats and asked me if I wanted his old wooden Fletcher-Cates.  I thanked him for the offer but told him that I had more projects than time but that I'd cart the boat back north and see if I could find her a good home.

Merv Wescoat (on left with orange cup) engages in a bit of "bench racing" with his long time rival, Beans Weatherly.  Merv turns 85 this January and still occasionally races Moth Boats--and with great effect I might add.  When he's having a good day he's a hard man to beat.  Growing up on the Atlantic City waterfront as the son of a tug boat Captain and seventy five+ years of experience racing Moths and other small boats just might have something to do with that...

Bill Boyle put his hand up first and indicated that his son Shane would race the boat at the Wooden Boat Magazine's Wood Regatta provided they could get her repaired in time.  The 48 year ago mahogany ply was delaminating in several places on both the hull and deck but father and son epoxy filled, faired and repainted the worse places and indeed BUCKSHOT made it to the starting line back in May.

BUCKSHOT (silver hull/white deck) lined up next to several newer Moths.  This photo permits a quick study in the evolution of Classic Moth designs.

Shane was able to race the first of two days of that regatta and then the delamination problems returned. Upon returning home, Bill and Shane decided to tackle the problem head on by giving the boat a deck-off restoration.  You can follow their progress here:
Bill is a beginning blogger so the blog spot is currently a minimalist's delight but I'm sure he'll quickly catch on.  He and I live about an hour and half apart and so the next time I'm his way I'll attempt to answer some of his blogger questions.  Meanwhile, enjoy the story of this boat's return to race worthy condition.


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