Monday, January 30, 2012

Moth Nr 264 restoration update

Earlier I reported on the beginning stages of the restoration of an ancient Moth  Boat, Nr 264.  You can find that post here. Over the weekend Arch Farmer emailed me photos of their recent progress.

Here is a detail shot showing the new mast step and deck partner
The Farmer bothers used the old centerboard as a pattern for a new blade but recycled the 30 lb (!) chunk of lead.
The deck and hull have been varnished and painted.  The new centerboard has been installed and the original rudder (with a new tiller) has been hung on the transom using the original hand made hardware.

Another view of the juniper deck planking after fresh varnish.  Note the new splash boards.  The Farmer bothers were able to reuse the original brass chain plates which can be seen poking up along the shear of the hull on either side of the splash boards.
Arch indicated that they have obtained a used sail and are now working on the standing rigging.  They aim to race the boat at Elizabeth City in May.  I can't wait to see the finished product up close and personal!