Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Wooden Boat Regatta; Part Three.

Let's see if blogger will let me finish this story...

This is one of several dory-type boats which were entered in this year's Wooden Boat Regatta.

I think that this very pretty Blue Jay also sailed last year.

One of the CLC "Pocketship" kit boats.

Here is the sailing canoe, shown earlier on the beach, under sail.

This dory has the skinniest lee boards I've ever seen!  Sunday's wind was a good bit stronger.  I wonder how he made out?

This International 210 came over from Gibson Island.  At just a whisker under 30 feet she dwarfed most of the other boats.

Dudley Dix in Paper Jet has a lot to keep track of once the asymmetric chute is flying.

The Hampton One Designs proved quite competitive against the Lightnings and Thistles even without the benefit of a spinnaker.  One wonders how this shook out in Sunday's higher breeze?  I couldn't attend on Sunday.  Hopefully someone will leave a comment.

Another attractive boat was this Windmill.  Rock Hall Yacht Club had a Windmill, complete with a rusty trailer, on the lawn for sale, $250 or best offer!

This is Utilis.  At 29' 6" she was the second largest boat in the regatta.  I believe that she is a Bolger Whalewatcher design.  If she had a few rows of oars she'd look like a modern day Greek trireme!

A bow shot of the Whalewatcher.  Very unique.

If one grows tired of boats, views of the surrounding farms can give rest to the eyes.
Meanwhile, the Moths were keeping things close.  Over the two days, John Z. prevailed in the Mistral.

Here's a shot of the Crowninshield cat boat under sail.

Crowninshield bow shot.  Very pretty.

And finally a few shots of that $250 Windmill.

Carl Cramer was sorely tempted!

I've seen worse ways to spend $250.  Just remember one of the most expensive phrases in the English language is "Cheap Boat For Sale"! 

Did she find a new home?


  1. You must tell me when this happens next year!

  2. Baydog: Carl is shooting for the same weekend, same location for next year. Here's the link to Wooden Boat's forum:


    Here's an email from today:

    From: Carl Cramer
    Sender: Carl Cramer
    Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 10:01:14 -0400 (EDT)
    ReplyTo: carl@woodenboat.com
    Subject: The WOOD Regatta 2012

    Please contact us with any questions at the email address or phone number listed below.

    The WOOD Regatta 2012 -- What a great event!

    Thank you being a part of it.

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks so much for the great time at Rock Hall Yacht Club this past weekend.

    I've posted results, and some of you are uploading photos on the WoodenBoat Forum, here:

    http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?141604-2012-WOOD-regatta/page2. Results and photos start at about post #91.

    If you have photos to share, we'd love to see them there as well. (The Forum is a free service. To figure out how to upload photos, please read the FAQ.)

    Our plans are to hold the 2013 regatta at Rock Hall Yacht Club during the same weekend. I will confirm that with you once the club does to me.

    Thanks again for your great participation -- on the shore and on the land.

    My very best wishes to you, Carl
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    Phone: 207-359-4651

    ***There are more photos posted by others at the Wooden Boat Forum. Not a member? Sign up.***