Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Wooden Boat Regatta; Part Two.

On the way to the racing area one occasionally sees very nice homes along the banks of the river.

When was the last time you saw a Lightning with a three digit sail number?  This boat probably dates to the late 1930s and is well preserved.

On the way out to the starting line the Thistles explore the possibility of flying spinnakers.  The wind was from the Northwest and hence very light and fluky all day.

Charlie McCoy, slowly sailing his Hampton One-Design "Calamity Jane" to the start.

Last year Classic Moth Boats were the most numerous class at this regatta.  This year we managed to muster three boats:  Victor Stango in his Paul Lindenberg design, Bob Patterson in the Shelley and John Zseleczky in the Mistral.  I'll be back on the water next year!

The Lindenberg design is a single chine shape with a gentle V-bottom.

The Shelley Moth has a flatter run aft of the centerboard trunk than the Lindenberg.  She is essentially a scaled down version of John Shelley's successful International-14 from the early 1960s.

The Mistral design is a sharp stem, round bilge shape with very narrow waterlines.  Both the Mistral and the Duflos Moths are VERY challenging to sail!

 The blogspot is getting wonky so I will stop this post here and pick up the story in Part 3.  Stay tuned.

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