Sunday, March 31, 2013

How they do it in Sag Harbor.

The guys and gals who comprise the Sag Harbor Europe dinghy fleet pretty much sail year round as long as the bay doesn't freeze solid.  Now Sag Harbor, New York is way out on the eastern tip of Long Island and is a hard day's drive north from diarist HQ.  Your diarist normally doesn't sail after about mid-November unless we're talking Florida.  I once asked one of the main proponents of the fleet what they did to stay warm.  Was it dry suits, wet suits, Armani suits?  Perhaps all three at the same time?  Nope.  Turns out the answer is revealed in the photo below.

Pine Barrens single malt whisky  is their secret for insuring a good fleet turn out.  Now at $45.00 for a 375 ml bottle this little mid-winter warmer is a bit too spendy for your thrifty old diarist but it works for them.  My other observation is that the name "Pine Barrens" seems out of place for Long Island.  I think there may be a couple pine trees on display in a Museum of Natural History somewhere up there, but really folks, the name "Pine Barrens" should have been reserved as a southern New Jersey appellation!  Bottoms up!  Photo credit: Nick Gazzolo.


  1. Hi George, I just discovered your blog and I'm very impressed. I am following your blog and I would like to invite you over to follow me back. I have built a 9 foot cedar strip yacht tender and I'm presently restoring a well neglected 21 foot Glen-L Fancy Free. It will be the subject of my posts, until I launch her, hopefully early this summer :) I am very impressive that you're racing and your boat is super cool. Your newest follower, Steve
    P.S. Hope to hear from you. If it's about sailing, cooking or woodworking, it's my kind of blog.

  2. Glad you're enjoying my blogspot. What's your name and roughly where are you located? I took a brief look at your blog and see several recent posts which I'll take a look at when I have a bit more time (getting ready for Easter dinner). You may enjoy some of the other blogs which I follow (listed on the right side of my page).

    George A.

  3. George

    There are 3 pine barrens in the world. Yours is in central NJ. Ours is in eastern Long Island running roughly from Eastport to Hampton Bays. The other one is somewhere in eastern China.

    - Julian

  4. Well then, Pineys of the world unite!