Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meanwhile in our Viva La France Dept...

I was trolling through the abused car dept of fleabay the other day and came across a pair of auctions for Renault 4CVs, both in Washington state.  One car was rather down at the heels but a never the less a good solid "runner".  The other car was a good bit smarter.  The most interesting thing about this brace of Renaults was that each auction contained an entertaining video.  I came to the conclusion that if one wants to flog a 4 CV within the Washington state boundaries, then one must produce and direct the obligate cinematic tidbit for the bidding public.

The first video is for the scruffy car and features a "secret agent" theme.  I particularly like the part were the secret agent-man actually gets the poor little beast to spin the rear tyres!  I was sorely tempted to bid on that one (in the end she sold for a modest $2600) but didn't jump in for fear that I'd have turned up at "headquarters" with a greasy smudge on the back sleeve of my white dinner jacket and as a consequence "M" would've been madder than a wet hen. Furthermore, I couldn't make out from the auction description if the two "jerry" cans on the roof rack conveyed with the vehicle or whether they were full or not.  Could have been a deal breaker...

The other car also sold, but for a good bit more.  It's video features a leisurely "chase" involving a 2 CV Citroen, apparently with Screamin Jay Hawkins in the driver's seat.  I give my exclusive Golden Palm awards to both vendors.  See if you don't agree.  As always, full screen and good headphones will enhance your viewing experience.  You can bring your own popcorn.


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