Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 BYC Classic Moth Boat Regatta

The 22nd Annual Brigantine Yacht Club Classic Moth Regatta was held on the 16th of June.  We had a low turn out of eight boats this year due in part to the uncertainty of the club being operational in time due to residual hurricane damage.  But by the end of the spring work day, postponed from the usual early April date until Memorial Day weekend, I was reassured that the event could take place and so the word went out and those who had not made other commitments came and raced.  What follows are a collection of random photos taken that day.  Although we had only eight boats we did have at least two boats in each of the three performance divisions recognized by the CMBA: Vintage, Generation I Classic and Generation II Classic.

Here Bob Patterson glides by the bulkhead.  Good to see Bob back in his Mistral for the first time since his Achilles tendon injury.  Bob went on to place second in Gen II.

Shane Boyle raced Memory Lane, the family Shelley.  He's using one of my sails, borrowed for the day.

Speaking of things borrowed, here's your diarist sailing Bill Boyle's Vintage division Ventnor. 

Bill Boyle sailed the other Vintage Moth in this regatta--his recently restored Abbott named Phoenix. 

Joe Courter came out to play in his Gen I Maser (Moth made from a Laser) design.

My son Erik sailed this new to us modified Mistral.  One can see in this photo how limiting the shroud position is for getting the boom out while sailing downwind.  There are a number of things which we need to change in an effort to get this particular boat up to speed but I think it will be worth the effort.

Like most coastal New Jersey communities, Brigantine took it's share of hits from last fall's hurricane.  Many houses are either undergoing extensive repairs like the white house to the left or have been torn down with a new home under construction.  This will include the BYC clubhouse which will be ripped down this fall and hopefully replaced in time for this regatta next June.

Waiting for the RC to blow the whistle.  Left to right: Ed Salva in his Europe Maple Leaf, Erik in our yet to be named boat and Mike Parsons in Revolution.

Look at that mast bend!  This photo was taken late in the day, after the starboard stay on the Abbott had popped out of the spreader tip.  The mast bend minds me of that of a DN iceboat!  Fortunately Bill was able to complete this race and safely make the dock without loosing the stick.

And it wouldn't be a Moth Boat regatta without a capsize!  Shane did recover from turtling the boat and carried on to the finish line.

Milling around waiting for a start.  Note how the blunt bow of the Ventnor, designed in the 1940s, contrasts with the sharp stems of the more modern designs.

Erik heading upwind.

Ed Salva had a good day, winning the Gen I division.  Here he's seen leading Bob Patterson's Gen II Mistral around the leeward mark.  A good day out.  


  1. So much better than Cooper River! Is that the Borgata in the last photo?

    1. No, that's Harrah's. The Borgata is the one with the gold tinted windows almost off camera to the left of Harrah's.

      And, yes, although I'm sure opinions are divided, BYC has much better sailing water than Cooper in my opinion!

  2. Thanks Len. Not much to report this year but those of us who did come race had a great day on the water.