Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cooper River Regatta circa 1968

More pix of the good ol' days, courtesy of Jim Greenfield.  This Moth Boat regatta took place in 1968.  Perhaps some viewers will see themselves.  There is a pleasing mixture of designs sprinkled through out the following four photos.  Love Nr 2086's red and white striped sail.  Yes, I know it's a black and white photo, but trust me--the dark panels are red.

Nr 2727, a Fletcher-Shelley, is one of Bill Schill's boats after he sold Pegasus.  The sailor is not Bill; by the time of this photo Bill had moved on to larger boats.  Nr 2844 is another Shelley, probably a McCutcheon-build version since the "K" on the sail indicates she was imported from Blighty.  Leeward of 2844 is 2734, the Swiss Moth featured in the previous post.  Nr 2337 is another Swiss Moth, probably one of the original trio of boats brought from Switzerland for the 1965 World Championship.  In those days it was not unusual for foreign skippers attending overseas regattas to sell their boats locally after racing concluded rather than paying the cost of shipping the boat home.  Duty and Customs fee collection was not as vigorously enforced then as now.

One can just make out the sky line of Philadelphia, across the Delaware River.  Cooper River empties into the Delaware a couple miles from the yacht club.

Numbers 2600 and 2430 are Fletcher-built Cates-Florida design Moths.  Almost every boat is these photos sports a sail made by local sail maker Bob Seidelmann.

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