Sunday, May 5, 2019

Nostalgia courtesy of Dave Schill.

Dave and Bill Schill's father was a professional photographer.  Back during the two brother's racing days in the early 1960s, their father took many photos of  them at various regattas, mainly at yacht clubs in southern New Jersey.  Dave is slowly going through their father's photo archive and when he has a few minutes he emails me his latest finds.  Today's photos feature close action at a mark during a regatta at Wildwood YC.  The presence of Shelley design Moth suggests the date of these photos to be around 1965.

Three Cates-Florida Moths plus a Shelley.  Does any one know who is sailing the Shelley (Nr 2692)?  Nr 2209 is William Hopkin, Ocean City YC; Nr 2324 is George Hollenback, Corinthian YC; Nr 2082 is Peter Neeson, Avalon YC

OK, with a bit more digging in my "archives" I believe that Nr 2692 is being sailed by Bruce Menz representing Greater Wildwood YC.

Nr 2725 is also a Shelleys ailed by Michael Gratch, Avalon YC.  Another Shelley, (technically a Fletcher Mk V) Nr 2769, is partially obscured by Nr 2477's sail.  Nr 2769 is being sailed by Jack Wheaton from the Ocean City YC.    I will post more of the photos which Dave is sending me in the next few days.

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