Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The last set of pix from Dave Schill--for now.

This photo, dating to the summer of 1963, shows the Wildwood YC members off loading their Cates Moths at Larchmont (NY) Yacht Club in preparation for the IMCA World Championship Regatta.  That's quite the trailer! Thanks to Bruce Menz and Bob Patterson I now can reveal the people in this photo.  From left to right:  holding the tongue of the white dolly is Chip Menz; holding the mast is Bruce Menz; the dark haired girl leaning over the bow of the Moth on the dark, web slung dolly is Gail DeFrancisco; the guy at the yacht club's road trailer, wearing glasses is Jim Barkalow; the blonde holding the battens poking out of the sail bag is Debbie Taylor.

A south Jersey sweep:  The winners of the 1963 Worlds from left to right:  Sandy McConnell, Stone Harbor YC  Junior World Champ; Bill Schill Jr. Avalon YC Senior World Champ; Martha (Chicki) Seaton Cooper River YC Women's World Champ.

Does anyone recognize the venue of this photo from a regatta in south Jersey during the summer of '63?  The siding and the row of windows remind me of either the old clubhouse at Margate YC or perhaps the clubhouse at Stone Harbor YC.

I now have a few individuals ID'ed:  from left to right, dark shirt Butch Milligan, next is Bill Kontes, guy with the large platter is unknown, gent with the dark hat, is unknown; Bill Schill is second from the right, holding the large platter; on the extreme right is Tom Patterson. 
Here is a photo,regretfully badly damaged by mold, of Bill on the docks of Cooper River YC with some of his loot from the '63 racing season spread out on that famous blue and white striped Seidelmann sail which he used on both Pegasus and his earlier Fletcher-Cates Moth.  This photo was used by Seildelmann Sails as an advertisement and appears in black and white on the back cover the the 1964 edition of Moth Doings.

The final photo of this group shows Bill standing behind Pegasus with more trophies.  The tower in the background is the "bridge" of the Cooper River YC as it appeared in 1964.  This was Bill's final year racing Moths.

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