Sunday, January 23, 2011

A cold walk in Eastport, Part I

This weekend has been unusually cold for central Maryland.  The day time temperature never rose above the mid-twenties either day and Saturday's overnight low was a chilly 10 degrees F.  This certainly wouldn't break any records up at International Falls, Minnesota but it's plenty cold for here--especially when combined with brisk winds.  Your diarist would have been happy to sit by the fire with a small glass of brandy but a Blog Spot is a stern mistress.  So dress warmly and we'll go for a walk-about in the Eastport section of Annapolis.

I parked the wagon in Annapolis (not a problem during the winter months) and walked across the Spa Creek Bridge.  Spa Creek separates Annapolis from Eastport.  Originally the Creek was called Spar Creek because of the presence of spar makers along the banks of the creek.  However "Spa" was as close as 17th century British sailors could come when attempting to pronounce the word Spar and so it became easier to change the creek's name than to continually correct yet another boatload of newly arriving sailors.

Although Annapolis Yacht Club has a presence on both sides of the Creek the club house is on the Annapolis side.

The hard core Laser sailors were out frostbite racing.  I hope they're wearing dry suits!

Closer to the bridge a skim of ice makes the water look calm.  In the previous photo of the Lasers one can see that a good breeze was blowing.

AYC's fleet of 420s wait for warmer weather.

The small keel boat fleet is also sleeping.

Although now a part of Annapolis,  Eastport residents are proud of their town's history and have proclaimed their "independence" as the "Maritime Republic of Eastport".  See more at:  There is an annual tug of war across Spa Creek by teams made up of Annapolitans and Eastport residents.

The camera batteries are so cold that my camera keeps shutting down.  So read the signs and I'll get some fresh batteries.  We'll poke around Eastport in my next post.  Stay tuned.

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