Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eastport, Part III

OK, I'm back.  Weather Channel says we're getting 4 to 6 inches of icy snow tonight and tomorrow.  Big deal.  I've got firewood on the front porch and a new bottle of Cockspur Rum.  Let's continue our walk on Severn Avenue before the tree limbs come down and power goes off.  Did I mention that I hate ice?

Severn Ave. is a satisfactorily mixed bag of boat related businesses, bars, restaurants  and homes. 

APS or Annapolis Performance Sailing is a Mecca for dinghy racers.  For those viewing this blog who have only done business over the phone or internet here is what APS headquarters looks like.  This is at least the third Eastport building this business has occupied in the time I've lived in this area.  Who says racing small sailboats is a dying sport?

All right, enough of business.  Back to the walking tour; here at almost the end of Severn Ave.  we have the oldest surviving house in Eastport.

Of course it has it's own marker.  Remember to click on the photo to enlarge it if you'd like to read the signage.

Across !st Street from the oldest house in Eastport is this little "fixer-upper".  No, I have no idea what the asking price is but I'm sure it's lofty and I'm also sure that the buyer will have to preserve at least some bit of the old building's fabric rather than tear the old structure completely down.  No extra charge for the non-hysteric fireplug or the blue Porta-Potty.
Walking down 1st Street.  Severn Sailing Association still has an old Optimist Dinghy doing service as a Christmas decoration. 

Back up to the corner of 1St. Street and Severn Ave. we find this attractive house.  My camera work doesn't do it justice.  I could be very comfortable here--easy walking distance to APS. the Boatyard and SSA.

This narrow house is typical of original Eastport architecture.
Another pleasant house on Severn Ave.
I like the oar used as a house marker.  Details, details...
A fine looking ship model in an upper window of another house.  Check out the mini-ship wright in the right hand corner.

Walking back toward the bridge and looking up Spa Creek,  Looks bleak doesn't it?
St Mary's church and school viewed from the Eastport side of Spa Creek.  It costs $$$ to moor to those buoys in summertime.  Having said that, there are times in summer when one could probably step from boat to boat and cross the Creek without getting a foot wet.  In the distance one can see the spire of St. Anne's up on Church Circle..
This concludes our walk up and down Severn Avenue.  It was cold and there were a couple football play-offs to watch (Green Bay won their game and the Steelers prevailed over the Jets--so there's a way to date these pix).  We have barely scratched the surface of Eastport and Annapolis and I will explore them both further for you as the weather warms.

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