Monday, January 24, 2011

Eastport, Part II

Fresh batteries in the camera, check.  Spare batteries in a warm pocket, check.  Funny looking winter hat pulled well down over the ears, check.  OK, let's go for a stroll...

Casting a backwards glance at the bridge we've just crossed, the power of bubbling water can be seen.  There is a skim of ice everywhere except where the submerged bubblers are located around the perimeter of the floating docks.

Zooming in on one of the bubblers.  Note the moustache of ice on the dock just above where the water bubbles up.  During hard freezes the bubblers help prevent the ice from crushing  the boats which are moored during winter instead of being hauled out.

Now the Boatyard Bar & Grill may not have a little number next to its location on the  official walking tour map but your diarist highly recommends a visit.  This is a good little sailor's bar and gets quite animated during the summer months after the conclusion of Wednesday night boat racing.  The car park is rarely empty regardless of the season.  My daughter is fond of the Boatyard's Dark 'n Stomies.

Although Eastport's past was that of a gritty, blue collar working class town it now sports a fair number of top drawer eateries.  Ruth's Chris and O'Leary's are two of several from which one may choose.

Up Severn Avenue from the Boatyard, on the opposite side of the street, one finds a wood carver's shop.
This was the former site of a glass factory.

The carver is an independent soul and keeps hours to suit himself.

A view through the display windows still features his Christmas train garden.
There's more to see on Severn Avenue but for me it's time to head back to the Boatyard to warm up.  Part III will take a look at a few of the  homes up and down the Avenue.


  1. Thanks Gunnar. Part III will go up either tonight or tomorrow.