Thursday, March 15, 2012

Images from the 2012 Classic Moth Boat Mid-Winter Regatta Part 1

I've managed to break my right arm, (interested peeps can read about that here), so typed comments will be limted for the next few posts.  Meanwhile here are some images from the regatta.  Photo credits: Diaristwoman

30 seconds after one of Saturday's starts.  My boat is sail Nr 69.
The racing venue at Gulfport YC is Boca Ciega Bay.  The dome of Tropicana Field can be seen in the background.
Mark Saunders debuted an experimental sail shape during the opening race.  It performed well during the brief outing but will require an up or down vote at this year's AGM.
Part of the fun of a development class is the ability to tinker with various aspects of boat design.  This photo compares differences in boom height on two otherwise identical boats.
Earlier in this race I flipped and had my work cut out in an to attempt to reconnect with the rest of the fleet!  The water temp was "refreshing".
At times there was a bit of chop.
Port/Starboard situation.  John Z is on starboard tack and has the right of way over your Diarist. My choices as the burdened vessel are to either tack away instead of crossing, or duck his transom.  Sometimes it's a better call to put the bow down and go astern.
Another Port/Starboard confrontation.  Greg (sail Nr 80) on port tack, is hoping to thread the needle in that wall of starboard tackers charging across the starting line.  With absolutely no rights, his options are to immediately tack onto starboard and thus eat a lot of "dirty" (i.e. turbulent) air from the boats directly in front of him, (slow) or duck all of the boats and continue on port tack with clean air and keep his options open (better).

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