Monday, March 19, 2012

Images from the 2012 Classic Moth Boat Mid-Winter Regatta Part 2

The photos in today's offering are courtesy of Isle of Wight Len.  I'm still single finger typing so enjoy the pix!

First up is a nice off-wind bow shot featuring Greg Duncan in his Europe design Moth.  Note how Greg has lengthened the mast in order to get a bit more room to duck under the Europe's boom.

Jeff Linton's Mousetrap.  Jeff continued his dominance of recent regattas with yet another overall win.

John Zseleczky works hard to keep Y2K BUG flat on her lines as he drives to weather.

Mike Parsons seems pleased with life.  This bow shot of the Mistral design shows how little of the boat is actually in the water when correctly sailed flat. Great technique Mike!

Patrick!  Hike that boat flat!  Due to their narrow waterlines Mistrals are challenging boats to sail.

Part of the mark boat crew: two Amys, one Elisabeth.  IoW Len is also an important member, but someone has to hold the camera!

The view from the now empty launching beach.  Looks idyllic doesn't it?


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    1. Yes, I gathered that from your latest post! I also love the beach and get a little antsy if I find myself more than a couple hours away.

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