Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Cruising blog with a Moth Boat connection

A Georgetown beach, courtesy of www.velocir.com

Long time readers of this blog no doubt recall the time I posted about a very pretty Ventnor Moth owned by a young couple in Annapolis.  On the day which I visited them, Grant and Amelia could only spend an hour or so showing me their Moth as they needed to finish bottom painting their big boat (an Albin Vega 27).  Since then they have worked their way down the East coast and are currently in the islands down in the Caribbean.  Amelia recently shared the URL for their cruising blog: 


There you will find many beautiful photos and video clips to enjoy.  It looks like they're living the dream.  Oh, and not to worry; they still plan to get that pretty little Ventnor sailing after they return to "Nap-town".

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  1. Love the Ventnor Moth. Totally different subject...We'll be in Baltimore on Saturday visiting Daughter #1. What's the best crabhouse? Awaiting your answer.