Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Old 264 sails again

Readers may recall that not quite a year ago I posted that I'd given one of the oldest of the known surviving Moth Boats, Nr 264, to brothers Arch and Larry Farmer with the promise of restoration to race worthy condition.  In January I posted a progress report with a few photos of the work done to that point.  Today I'm pleased to post the first photos of Old 264 being given her initial float test which occurred this past Labor Day weekend.  Arch hopes to have his granddaughter Abby sail the boat in the Classic Moth Boat National Regatta which will take place the third weekend of this month.  I can't wait to see the restored boat up close.

After too many years in storage, Old 264 graces the Pasquotank River near Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

The wind was obviously light to nonexistent that day but it's still wonderful to see the boat back in fighting trim.  The sail (Nr 917) was borrowed for the day from Arch's Dorr Willey-built Moth.

This boat slips along even with the slightest puff of wind.  I'm sure that Joel Van Sant, the founder of the Moth Boat, would approve.

Granddaughter Abby and brother Larry pose with the finished boat.  No doubt she'll be refined and tuned over the next several weeks in anticipation of the regatta.  Wow!  Hopefully this restoration will provide a challenge for the owners of several other ancient Moth Boats to restore their boats and come race.

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