Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jan's El Camino

Earlier, I posted a few photos of my father-in-law's '66 Chevy Impala.  Today's post will be about his other ride, a 1986 Chevy El Camino.  Sadly, Jan lost his four year battle with cancer and both cars need to find new, appreciative owners.  I'd buy the El Camino for myself but lack the required garage space.  Anyway, let's take a look.

The truck is in overall good condition with no body rot.  Jan repainted the truck himself last fall.  His efforts produced what I'd call a "ten foot" paint job, meaning that it is serviceable, protective and looks good from ten feet away.  Ultra fastidious collectors would probably want to have it repainted by a professional but I'd drive it "as is" and not worry about the inevitable nicks and paint chips that a non-trailer queen is going to acquire.
Here she is from the stern.  This truck came from Texas which probably accounts for both the lack of corrosion and also that the sun-bleached original paint needed sprucing up.
The bed is neat and tidy and features a fitted floor liner.
Classic mid-80s grill and rectangular quad headlamps.
View from the passenger's side.
The original cloth interior is still very presentable.
There are no cracks in the vinyl dash cover.
Last night I installed a new battery and she fired right up after sitting idle for several months.  Note that the 350 V/8 has good oil pressure at 1200 RPM.


  1. Hej George !
    Tuff bil, det rullar en hel del av den i Sverige.
    Men Impala 66 som du visade tidigare är nog min favorit. Är det din father-in-law som gått bort,
    I´m sorry. Tråkigt väder i Sverige nu riktig höst.
    Kanske åker över sundet till Kopenhagen nästa vecka.
    Have a nice weekend !

    1. Hej Johannes,
      Ja, det är en tuff bil. Egentligen skulle jag vilja behålla den, men jag har alldeles för många leksaker redan!
      Den tillhörde min svärfar, som gick bort i maj månad. Min fru och svärmor åkte hem till sverige med askan i augusti, så han lever kvar i båda länder.
      Känner du nån som är intresserad så hör av dig! Jag levererar gärna bilen själv!
      Ja, hösten kommer här också. Det börjar bli härligt svalt om kvällarna, och det är välkommet efter värmen vi haft den sista tiden.

  2. This is a very cool car/truck. I showed it to Lorna and told her it was cooler than her sister's Baritz convertible. She said And I could not purchase it at any price. :-(

    1. Aw! Tell her I'd even drive it out there for you--Halloween snow and all. (And it is way kooler than that Baritz convert...I can see her swaning about in it now.)