Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BYC pictorial update; 5 January, 2014.

A bit of progress since my last post back at the end of October.  The front entrance and nostalgic port holes have been moved to the south end of the building compared to the old clubhouse as seen in the first pix of this post.

Roughly the same footprint as the old building but with a useful second story.

No doubt the upper level will provide wonderful views of the bay.

The club officers are confident of a Memorial Day opening.  They've got a ways to go.  At least the building is under roof.
  We've had some fairly strong gales with higher than average tides.  The marsh straw and driftwood on the pier suggests that the tide has recently been well over the boards.
It's been an unusually warm winter (until today as I type this).  There's no bay ice for the ducks to walk on.
Happy New Year.  I'm heartened to learn that our construction crew have refined tastes.

This last pix is for Kenn and Fred, two boyhood friends who grew up on the island and lived in this house at 1801 Bayshore Ave.  Looks almost like my house on 22nd Street.


  1. Freixenet goes well with anything, and appeals to most budgets. George, I'm so excited for you and your clubmates! A great upper deck for watching sunsets. This is a monumental re-construction. Things look good for Memorial Weekend!

  2. Thanks Baydog. I just hope we can all afford the dues this spring!