Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Accounting for Tastes Dept: Not exactly my idea of a Mid-Winter Regatta


  1. "It's the only way to sail in winter"? I think not.

  2. My kind of people. I might even be in one of those shots.

  3. @ASL: I agree and only hope that Gulfport isn't in "winter mode" this coming Feb!

    @Tillerman: There's a lone laser sailor at about the 1.23 mark in the video who capsizes. You can hear (and feel) his rig go "thonk" as it hits the ice. I fancy that's you. Mind you, I'm in favor of ice, at the rink or as a replacement for "branch water" in my whisky, but sailing that requires a dry suit? Tell ya what, I'll hold your watch & wallet (I promise to keep them safe) and observe from the warmth of the club bar.