Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Scow Moth Club


For those interested in or curious about the Australian Scow type Moth there's a relatively new facebook group hosted by a Japanese enthusiast named 大野信博

The scow design was the dominant and indigenous Moth type in Australia from the late 1920s to roughly the mid 1980s when narrow skiff type Moths finally displaced the scows.  Following a period of semi-extinction the Aussie Scow Moth, like the Classic Moth in the USA, is staging a revival.  Although out classed in overall racing,  the scow never lost its loyal band of devotees.  With the development of Scow Moth Club those devoted followers of the scow now have both a forum for sharing information plus a growing archive of period photos, design plans, newspaper clips,etc.  Additionally, new scows are being built and old survivors are being restored.  Can regattas catering to scows be far behind?  I think not!

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