Friday, April 3, 2015

Classic Moth Boat Outreach Event

The venerable Carolina Yacht Club, Charleston, South Carolina.

The Classic Moth Boat sailors in the Charleston, South Carolina area are planning a day of Classic Moth Outreach in an attempt to attract more sailors to their fleet.  A great idea in my book.  Plan to attend if you're in the area that day:

Notice of Charleston, South Carolina Moth Fleet Event

When:  Saturday, May 2, 2015  -  from 10 am - 2 pm,

What: The Charleston Moth fleet is sponsoring a Moth boat show/event -to generate support for our Moths and expand our message to  interested sailors

Where: The Carolina Yacht Club, 50 East Bay Street in Charleston, SC. This venerable club is located just off High Battery in downtown Charleston.

Purpose: To have 8-10 of our Classic  wooden Moths rigged for display in the transient boat parking lot, to have 3-4 Europe Moths  at the floating dock for  people to test sail, and to  display of pictures, Youtube videos, trophies and other paraphernalia indigenous to the Moth class from 1929 until the present. Randall Swan Jr , who won his first  National Moth Championship in his Connecticut  Blue Moon in 1952 and recently  won the 2013 Moth Nationals  Vintage division in his 60 year old Etchell's Connecticut will be on hand to talk about these neat dinghy's.

If anyone is interested in bringing a Moth or showing up with some Moth memorabilia, please contact:

J. Rutledge Young Jr. , Captain of the Charleston Moth Fleet
Duffy & Young, LLC
96 Broad Street | Charleston, SC |
o. 843.720.2044
DIRECT DIAL:  843.793.6713

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