Saturday, April 21, 2012

Solo Around the Americas

Matt Rutherford has completed his single hand circumnavigation of the North and South American continents (starting on the east coast of North America, going through the northwest passage, down the Pacific coasts of both land masses, around Cape Horn and back up the east coast of both to his starting point, which I believe was Norfolk, Virginia).  He is expected at the city docks of Annapolis at some point this morning.  For those with iGadgets, live feed of his arrival can be found on a link at his web site:  Posts from during the voyage itself can also be read on his site for those wanting to do a bit of armchair sailing.

For those without such technology, your diarist shall attempt to go and get pix of the grand arrival.  In this age, the opportunity to see (and smell) a real "first time it's been done" kinda guy decreases with every passing day.  Check back later--details and film at eleven (or maybe sooner if I'm sober--I've always wanted to use that line; the film at 11 line, not the if I'm sober one).

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