Tuesday, August 11, 2015

24th BYC Moth Regatta Photo Collage

Those who follow my figure skating blog no doubt know that I took a spill awhile back.  Now that my head no longer aches and my vision isn't blurry I suppose I'd best get some pix posted from this year's regatta.  Many Thanks to diaristdaughter for being the designated photographer and diaristwoman for helping not only with lunches but many other behind the scene tasks as well.  The Courters are also to be thanked for hosting their always well enjoyed pre-regatta party.  This event wouldn't take place without lots of help.   Next year this regatta turns 25!

Rigging up.  I borrowed the white Ventnor (nr868).  We had 14 boats with at least three in each of the divisions (Vintage, Gen I and Gen II).

Victor Stango gets down to business in his Lindenberg Moth.
One of the starts.  I'm late as usual (one can see the bow of the Ventnor just entering the photo on the far left).  Joe Bousquet (Nr 48) is sailing my newly configured all wooden Europe.  Tweezerman is sailing Nr 105.

A bit busy at the marks.

Bob Patterson in his Mk I Shelley.

Bill Boyle's Abbott (Nr 1603), also a Vintage boat.

Greg Duncan's Connecticut (Nr 1667) rounds out the Vintage fleet.  At one point I owned that boat.  Shouldn't of sold her!

Ed Salva (Nr 10) had a good day out.

My son Erik (Nr 43) hoping not to get pinwheeled off at the mark by Joe Courter (Nr 40)!

Greg showed the rest of the vintage fleet his transom most of the day.

After the second race I headed in to adjust the outhaul.  The leech on this sail was way too tight.  I wish I'd had a chance to sail this boat before the regatta!  She's a good boat and with a bit of tuning could be competitive with the others.

That's not a Moth!

At times I was able to push the Ventnor's bow up with the other boats.

Nr 217 was the sail number of Bob Patterson's father's Comet class boat.

John Z. leads Joe Bousquet.  Nr 48 was not quite finished in time for this regatta but Joe did fine in spite of some of the controls not exactly being user friendly.

John Z. sailing Y2K Bug--we keep waiting for him to finish the new boat!

Tweezerman took top honors in the Gen I fleet.

Greg was the vintage division winner at the end of the day.

Mike Parsons, Nr 79 took 1st in Gen II.  And that's all folks!