Thursday, May 25, 2017

Free Classic Moth in the Chicago area

I rec'd this email the other day.  You have to do a road trip to Chi-town but just think, you could get an authentic "Chicago Dog" while you're in the neighborhood.  I have no skin in this game.  Those interested should contact the owner directly:

Here it is, a Harry Cates designed, 1965 era, Classic Moth.

                            ***   FREE TO A GOOD HOME   ***

Built in '65 by Bob Cave, this boat hasn't been sailed for many years, but has always been stored inside and is in perfect shape.
She has an aluminum mast and boom, an original sail that has very few hours on it, 2 rudders and tillers, and a wood dagger board.

Housed in St Charles, Illinois, outside of Chicago.

                    If you want her, get in your car and come get her.

I'm moving and I know I can get a couple of hundred bucks for her at my garage  sale,.......[and that would be a waste]

Bob Cave     630 945-0596
This boat follows the Cates-Florida design for the most part.  Love the flying tiger teeth on the bow.

One clear design departure is that the transom is deeper and also rounded at the bottom compared to the stock design.