Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Year, Two New Moth Boat blogspots to follow

The black lines on the white paper are the stock Mistral II half sections.  The lines in red on the Mylar overlay are the deviations for the modified design.
Hot on the heels of Martin Scott and John Z., Jamey Rabbitt, this past year's CMBA National Champion, has started building his new Moth.  Jamey's boat uses the Mistral plans as inspiration but isn't completely bound by them.  Will his derivation be faster than the stock boat?  Stay tuned.  His Blackberry Boatworks blogspot can be found here.

Station molds for Bill's hot rod Euro.
And of course, since it's winter, Bill Boyle can't resist building yet another new boat.  This time Bill will be constructing a Classic Moth using the Europe dinghy as his starting point.  He hopes to capture the classic Alois Roland hull shape in a strip plank version that is closer to the CMBA minimum hull weight of 75 lbs than the Europe Dinghy Union's 99 lb minimum.  So far Bill has a new jig built and has cut out the required station molds for the hull.  You can follow his progress here.