Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pegasus Update

The wheel turns slowly.  Some readers may recall that when former Moth Boat World Champion Bill Schill passed away, I was given the remains of Pegasus, his World Championship winning boat.  Pegasus was and still is in dilapidated condition.  Recently, fellow Moth Boater, Bill B. told me it was time to restore the boat before she was a total loss.  We moved the hull to Bill's work shed earlier this month and have started work.  We've deconstructed the hull to the saveable parts (basically the keel, centerboard trunk and a few other bits of the boat's original fabric) and are now going the other way with the restoration.  Those interested can follow along on Bill's blog.  We hope to have the hull rebuilt by spring.

Pegasus plus 3mm ply, loaded on the trailer for the brief ride from my house to Bill's shed.