Friday, February 8, 2019

An update on the Pegasus update

During the 35 day Federal Government shutdown, Bill Boyle and I were able to  meet regularly to work on Pegasus.

In the course of that time we've gone from this,
to this.  The hull is now off the building molds and jig.

Yesterday John Z came over to see our progress and offer some guidance in how to proceed with future aspects of the rebuild.
With the hull sheathed in new ply skins, the boat weighs in at 37.5 lbs, or roughly half of the CMBA's 75 pound minimum for the hull minus removable gear.  This means we have a sporting chance of staying close to min weight after adding bulkheads, decks, side tanks, hardware, epoxy and paint/varnish.

Our target goal is to have the boat ready to race at Brigantine in June.  Hopefully we'll make it!