Thursday, May 16, 2013

CLC's spring small boat festival is this weekend

Nothing to do this weekend?  Don't sit around bored.  Come to CLC's spring in the water small craft event.

Join us for a fun day on the water!
The weather forecast is just about perfect for Saturday's on-the-water activities: 70 degrees, some sun, and a moderate breeze from the southeast.  Best of all worlds.

Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity to demo most of the CLC fleet*. Smallcraft like the Skerry (above) are even available for sailing demos.

What's new on the beach for 2013?
*Cocktail Class Racers and the Peeler Skiff will not be on the beach, but they will be at our Open House on Friday.
Stop by our factory and showroom on Friday between 1pm and 7pm for seminars, tours, and a cookout.  Admission is FREE!
Ed's Once-a-Year Deals
on Kits, Gear, & Supplies
Ed's going crazy! Not just CLC caps---he's blowing out E V E R Y T H I N G. Boat kits, random boat parts, finished boats(!), epoxy and fiberglass, paint and varnish, paddles, kayak seats, spray skirts, minicell, safety gear, spruce oars, bronze oarlocks, roof racks, sandpaper, PFDs, PDFs---he can't be stopped.
But he'll turn back into a stingy chief operating officer on Monday, so you gotta come to the Friday Open House for the deals!

John C. Harris
Chesapeake Light Craft 

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