Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spirou Sailing

Normally, Tweezerman is the blogosphere harbinger of obscure dinghy classes but the Spirou is one that I think even he hasn't heard of.  The Spirou was designed by Charles Bertels as a smaller entry level version of the Europe Dinghy suitable for junior sailors.  Bertels, the founder of the Belgian sailing magazine Yachting Sud, was also involved in the early popularization of the Europe Dinghy.  The boats are still sailed primarily in Belgium but perhaps with a little publicity this little boat might replace the dominant Optimist dinghy in at least a few clubs, much like the Bic Class dinghy is currently doing.  Anyway, the boats appeal to this Europe/Classic Moth sailor and the kids sailing in the videos look like they're enjoying the little boats.

The second video shows a Spirou Class start ("depart" if I heard the RC correctly).   More info about this class can be obtained here: <>  Unfortunately the class website <> appears not to function but I'll post the URL in the hopes that whoever is the class website guru will eventually fix it.


  1. You nailed it. I have never heard of the Spirou. It is neat looking. There is a Scandinavian junior class that is popular in the same size range. Fiberglass with a flatter hull shape. The name escapes me at the moment. It'll come to me.

    The Spirou seems to be about 9 feet in length. The music video seems a bit racy for juniors but that's just the old fogey in me talking.

  2. There's you next post! (I love it!) Maybe too racy for American kids.

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