Monday, October 28, 2013

BYC Rebuild--first pix

A year ago Hurricane Sandy devastated large parts of Brigantine.  This new bit of fence indicates the high water level at the VFW hall on 30th St. South (note arrow at the right hand side).  This address is towards the south end of the island and is a well known flood-prone area.  Many parts of the island experienced water this high or higher.

Meanwhile, down at 10th St. South & Bayshore Ave. (another flood-prone part of the island), the new BYC clubhouse is starting to take shape.  One can see a few photos of the former clubhouse here.

The basic footprint of the new building will largely be the same as the old structure.  Looking at the border of the tarmac, one can see where the wooden porch extended from the old building. 

I wonder why this bit of the old fireplace chimney was retained?  Slob sentimentality?  A reference point for the placement of a new chimney?  I just don't know.  No doubt all will be revealed in due time.  I'll post progress reports as construction moves along this winter.


  1. they should use that loose gravel as fill or agate in the concrete.

  2. That bit of the old fireplace chimney was saved for the sloppy, sentimental bastard, Baydog. And he loves it.

    1. Awww, Baydog. We always knew you were a soft touch...

  3. Replies
    1. Baydog: FB? Face Book? Funny Bone? Fried Baloney? What? It's early in the morning and I'm waiting for the laminar hood flow to sterilize so that I can get an experiment going. Too early for my brain to decode your abbreviation!